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Blind & Visually Impaired AND Deaf & Hard of Hearing

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The Ontario Ministry of Education defines the Blind and Low Vision Exceptionality as:

A condition of partial or total impairment of sight or vision that even with correction affects educational performance adversely.

Resources for Blind and Visually Impaired:
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Foundation Fighting Blindness
The Ontario Ministry of Education defines the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Exceptionality as:
An impairment characterized by deficits in language and speech development because of a diminished or non-existent auditory response to sound.
Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing:
Canadian Hearing Society (CHS)
National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

Ontario Association for the Deaf

Check out the The Special Education Companion, (2002) for Blind and Low Vision or Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Possibly the BEST and most under-used document in Special Education!  This document lists countless ways to help students under each Exceptionality Category.  If you look at ‘Blind and Low Vision’ or Deaf/Hard of Hearing you have 10 pages of students characterisitics, issues, general teaching and learning strategies, program ideas, subject-specific strategies (reading, spelling, mathematics) and assessment strategies!

Do NOT write an IEP without reading this document! Parents and Teachers should use this resource to determine appropriate accommodations, modifications, and strategies for the classroom.  Parents, please bring this to your teacher meetings to advocate for your child!


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