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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Ontario Ministry of Education defines Autism as:

A severe learning disorder that is characterized by:

a) disturbances in: – rate of educational development; – ability to relate to the environment; – mobility; – perception, speech, and language;

b) lack of the representational symbolic behaviour that precedes language.               Special Educator’s Handbook (2002)

The Geneva Centre for Autism says Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are:

ASDs are a range of neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and Asperger Syndrome.

Each of these disorders affects communication, social interaction skills and behaviour.

ASDs usually manifest during the first three years of life.  Impaired social interaction is the hallmark symptom as people affected by ASD have serious problems relating to others, especially peers.  Many people affected by ASD do not have even one friend. This is very stressful to them and to their families.   

Geneva Centre for Autism This is the probably the best resource out there for families and professionals.
Check out the Geneva Centre’s FREE visuals!

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2007) Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders  This is probably the second-best resource out there (or maybe the best for teachers… you check it out and decide!)  Free ‘book’ on Autism.

New Zealand Ministry of Education, Autism Spectrum Disorders Resource for Teachers. Excellent information, strategies and overviews.

Autism Society Canada

Autism Society Ontario
Asperger’s Society of Ontario

Very Short List of Books about Teaching Students with Autism

Aspy, R. & Goldman, G. (2007) The Ziggurat Model: a framework for designing comprehensive interventions for individuals with high-functioning Autism and Asperger syndrome. Autism Asperger Publishing Company
Brewer, R. & Mueller, T. (2008) Strategies at Hand: quick and handy strategies for working with students on the Autism spectrum. Autism Asperger Publishing Company
Eckenrode, L., Fennell, P., & Hearsey K. (2003) Tasks Galore: creative ideas for teachers, therapists and parents working with Exceptional children. Tasks Galore, Raleigh, NC.
Henry, K. (2005)  How Do I Teach This Kid? Visual work tasks for beginning learners on the Autism spectrum. Future Horizons
Krumins, J.  (2007) Been There Done That – Finally Getting it Right: a guide to educational planning for a student with autism. Autism Aspirations
Kluth, P. & Schwarz, P. (2008) Just Give Him the Whale!: 20 ways to use fascinations, areas of expertise and strengths to support students with autism. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
Kluth, P. (2010) “You’re Going to Love this Kid!”  Teaching students with Autism in the inclusive classroom. 2nd Edition, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
Reynolds, R. (2011) ABA: a Brief Introduction to Teaching Children with Autism. Reg Reynolds, Publishing
Don’t forget…  The Special Education Companion, 2002

Possibly the BEST and most under-used document in Special Education!  This document lists countless ways to help students under each Exceptionality Category.  If you look at ‘Gifted’ you have 10 pages of characterisitics of gifted students, issues, general teaching and learning strategies, program ideas, subject-specific strategies (reading, spelling, mathematics) and assessment strategies!

Do NOT write an IEP without reading this document! Parents and Teachers should use this resource to determine appropriate accommodations, modifications, and strategies for the classroom.  Parents, please bring this to your teacher meetings to advocate for your child!


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