Special Education in Ontario – Policies & Procedures

Select documents from the Ontario Ministry of Education about Policies, Procedures and Paperwork.  These are the cornerstones of Special Education in Ontario.

Parents and Educators – try to navigate the system!  Help yourself!

Ontario Ministry of Education Special Education Policies and Procedures Documents:

Special Education, a Guide for Educators, 2001

This is my all-time favorite document that provides an easy-to-read overview of the Special Education System in Ontario.  Includes categories of Exceptionalities, Funding, IPRC and IEP info as well as funding and appeal information.  A must read! http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/guide.html

Individual Education Plans and Program Development: The Individual Education Plan (IEP), A Resource Guide (2004)

Guide for Teachers to write IEPs.  Parents should be aware of the process as well. http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/guide/resource/index.html

The Special Education Companion, 2002

Possibly the BEST and most under-used document in Special Education!  This document lists countless ways to help students under each Exceptionality Category.  If you look at ‘Gifted’ you have 10 pages of characterisitics of gifted students, issues, general teaching and learning strategies, program ideas, subject-specific strategies (reading, spelling, mathematics) and assessment strategies!

Do NOT write an IEP without reading this document! Parents and Teachers should use this resource to determine appropriate accommodations, modifications, and strategies for the classroom.  Parents, please bring this to your teacher meetings to advocate for your child!



Identification, Placement and Review Committees (IPRC) Regulation 181/98 Idenification and Placement of Exceptional Students

This is the original document – use it to check for the legal wording and full details regarding Identification and Placement of Exceptional Students.  Pretty hard to read. http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/reg181.pdf

Highlights of Regulation 181/98 Identification and Placement of Exceptional Students

This document is easy to read and gives a good overview of the Identification and Placement Process, some key definitions and information about Appealing IPRC decisions. http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/hilites.html

Note: This is a PERSONAL blog, not an official Ministry of Education website.  This is a forum for sharing. 

Please add comments and your favourite resources (and let me know if there are any dead links!)  Thank you!


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