Welcome to Special Education in Ontario: on the bell curve!

Welcome to Special Education in Ontario: on the bell curve!

I hope this blog serves as an introduction to Special Education in Ontario and Canada.  Information about specific Exceptionalities is drawn from all over the world, but with a focus on education in Ontario.

Information about specific policies, procedures and paperwork (such as IEPs and IPRCs) focus on Ontario, but I have included other provinces as well.

Special Education in Ontario: on the bell curve is an annotated bibliography, a compendium of resources for a range of Exceptionalities – ADHD, ODD, ASD, SPD, etc…   This is a slavishly organized and well-researched guide about Exceptionalities, the Ontario School System and how to navigate it all.

This blog is a work in progress and will grow – please help by sharing links via comments.

Please explore the site using the Categories tabs or the Search tool.

If there is something you want added, let me know!

You can follow me on Twitter @onthebellcurve

You might be asking — what’s up with the jelly bean header? I wanted to show the neurological, ethnic, social, spiritual, and sexual diversity that makes up our schools and communities. A handful of jelly beans is a rainbow of flavours that all meld together, and are best shared among friends. And that is what I hope you will do.

 Note: This is a PERSONAL blog, not an official Ministry of Education website. This is a forum for sharing.

Please add comments and your favourite resources (and let me know if there are any dead links!) Thank you!


3 responses to “Welcome to Special Education in Ontario: on the bell curve!

  1. Hi all here’s the link to Tumblebooks throught the Mississuga Public Library.

  2. Bonita Coons

    Hi Angela,

    I tried to read your latest posting, “SMART goals for IEPS”, but I was not able to access the content as it is password protected. Can you please let me know what I need to do to gain access to your most recent posting? Thanks very much.


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